What Does Kismet Mean to You?

*AD – This post was sponsored by Sparkling Jewellery kismet /ˈkɪzmɛt/ noun 1.destiny; fate:“what chance did I stand against kismet?” When I was younger, I was never a particularly spiritual person. But when I was devastated by a break-up, I went to the Philippines for 3 months, came back, started a blog, used it as my CV and worked my way […]

Project Garden: Update (May)

*This post contains affiliate links As you may know from my recent post about it, we are giving my garden a huge overhaul this year. During the last burst of good weather we had, we actually went full steam ahead on some of the plans that I outlined in my previous post. But then, unfortunately, this run of absolutely horrible […]

What I Learned From Eating More Mindfully

*This post contains affiliate links. A couple of weeks ago, I reached a breaking point with my health. I suffer from an underlying health condition that makes me severely anaemic a lot of the time, and although I am taking iron for it, it doesn’t work particularly well. I’ve never been one of those “my body is a temple” people […]

10 Random Facts About me

*This post contains affiliate links. As I have been running some Facebook advertising recently, I’ve started to gain some new followers here and there from various platforms. Over the next few months, I will be sharing my garden renovation with you on both my blog and my YouTube Channel. But before I start letting you in my garden to nose around my herb patch (which the kitten […]

My Garden Goals for This Summer

*This post contains affiliate links. If you follow me on social media, you’ll be aware that last summer I treated myself to one of those huge pools for the back garden. Because we were in lockdown I thought “you know what, great, I’ll be in my pool all summer”. But the Great British weather meant that it could not be. […]

How to add the Facebook Pixel to Your Blog (and why you Need to)

*This post contains affiliate links I’ve heard so many horror stories about “Facebook Ads experts”. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve heard some great stuff as well, but the reoccurring theme for a lot of people that pay these experts seems to be they got charged a lot of money for not a whole lot of success with Facebook Ads. By […]

5 Tips to Spruce up the Front of Your House

*This post was sponsored by Yorkshire Resin.  The recent Coronavirus situation has meant that we all had to spend more time in our homes, and because of this, a lot of people have been looking to see where they can make improvements. I’ve seen people do some wonderful things to their homes over the last few months, but sprucing up […]

The Big Sporting Event Comeback!

*This post was sponsored by Keith Prowse I just couldn’t get it out of my head. No matter how many times I told myself not to say it, I could NOT stop saying “the horse I voted for”. Newmarket were lucky to have me that day, were they not? After this little taste of live sporting events, I wanted more. […]

Find My Tea – Your new Favourite app

*This post was sponsored by Find My Tea. I spent a lot of time with my Nan when she was alive. It’s one of the things that made losing her that little bit easier. Because my Nan lived opposite my Mum and I, we had a natural closeness. When the weather was good, we would pack up the car and […]

Your Ultimate Post-Pandemic Party Guide

*This blog was sponsored by 360 photo booth. Even though I don’t drink alcohol anymore, I have been to some brilliant party’s in my time, and I’ve organised some very fabulous events. Between when I was 14 and 25 I did drink which of course, does make partying a bit easier. Once when I was around 19, I popped to my local […]

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